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War Horse: my first solo theatre experience

A few months ago I mentioned that I had booked my first solo theatre ticket to go see War Horse at the theatre.

On a grey, miserable Wednesday, the day had arrived, but surprisingly I did not feel anxious one bit. I had prior visions of myself chickening out and deciding to stay at home to watch the latest episode of Scandal. Yet, I kind of felt empowered that I was going to do something by myself and seeing a theatre production that has been on my bucket list for a while.  Continue reading


Top 10 April Rewind

April has been an eventful month, filled with various adventures and experiences. In fact, the month went by in such a flash; I barely could keep up with all the things I had scheduled in my diary:

1. I had a wonderful trip to Brussels with my mum and Aunt. Talk about chocolate overdose. Have a read here 

  1. things to do in BrusselsI spent Easter Sunday with my immediate family, sharing good food and having some highly needed quality time together
  1. My friend and I booked a city break weekend in Amsterdam. I have been twice already, but I simply love it out there. Roll on June
  1. Dyed my hair as my roots were terrible
  1. Managed to apply for two jobs this month, which I mentioned in last month’s post, I really needed to step up the applications. In May, I will be focusing on creating my two year career plan
  1. I went to the theatre twice this month by myself. I saw War Horse and Cats, which I was initially apprehensive about, but it turned out great musicals in london
  1. Managed to finally finish watching Money and Violence. I so cannot wait for season 2 to start
  1. I started reading Jasmine Guy’s book on Afeni Shakur’s life, which is really enlightening about the Black Panther movement and her relationship with Tupac Shakur  books to read
  1. Met up with my good friend Sasha for dinner, which was so needed as we were well overdue a good old catch up
  1. I changed the name of my site to Introducing Toyz. Over the next few months I will be concentrating on working on the design I would like and learning about coding. Any simple tips are welcomed.

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things to do in Brussels

Day trip to Brussels part two: Chocolate city

I hope you guys were able to have a read of part one of my travels to Brussels. If not, click here.

On arrival in Brussels, we were greeted with the sun’s rays. Without a specific destination, purely down to poor planning, we started walking around trying to find something to eat real quick. Walking around the streets at 10.30am, a lot of places were still shut for business. At this point, I had to use the little French I could remember from my French GCSE lessons. Throughout my whole trip, it made me realise that I need to familiarise myself into learning a language, even if it is just conversational.

After a lot of walking, we were recommended to go Avenue Louise district. The area reminded me of Bond Street/Oxford Street in London, but unfortunately walking down many of the sidewalks, we were unable to find somewhere to eat as we only wanted a light lunch. Continue reading

travelling on eurostar

Day trip to Brussels part one: My Eurostar experience.

Back in early March I suggested to my mum that we should go Brussels for the day. I previously travelled to Belgium in 2012 and stayed somewhere on the outskirts. I think the suggestion came about as I enjoyed my experience on the Eurostar; also I visited Paris late last year with my friend for a day. It is so cool that I can get to another country in less than 3 hours from my house.

Anyways, back to the story with my mum. My mum regularly travels back home to the Caribbean, but I wanted her to experience something totally different from what she is used to. As my aunt has been Brussels on a few occasions and her birthday was looming, I thought it would be an excellent idea for us to all go on her birthday. At a click of a button, our £69 return tickets were booked. Continue reading

Things to do in Camden

My first visit to Camden Lock Market

I have never been to the infamous Camden area. This might not strike you as something important or desirable to do. Yet, being an avid N-Dubz fan in my hay days, mainly because I was infatuated with Dappy. Man, he is such a hottie! I have always wanted to venture up to Camden as this is the hometown of N-Dubz. Also, I’ve heard that Camden is renowned for all things quirky, which some may say I would fully fit into the culture because of my love for all things related to piercings, tattoos and black clothing.

In February, I met my friend for brunch in Streatham. During a discussion about my upcoming random days off I had booked from work, I said that I really would like to visit Camden Lock Market. Luckily without having to ask, my friend said she would come along with me once I was ready to take a trip up there. She didn’t have to ask me twice! I immediately brought out my diary and scheduled a date for our adventure.  Continue reading

Top 10 March Rewind

Sorry I have taken so long to post this, I really do not have a valid excuse as this post has been written since the start of April. I’ve been lazy over the last couple of weeks, but I suppose it is acceptable from time to time to just relax.

Usually March seems like an excruciating long month, but on this occasion, it seemed to fly by in a flash. I reckon this was because my diary was pretty filled with different events that I had scheduled in from before. I would not say I am a social butterfly, as at times I have many long, boring weekends, but then at a drop of a hat, it can be a be whirlwind of things to do.

  1. Finished reading Virginia Andrew’s bestselling novel Flowers in the Attic. I also completed the Petals on the Wind, which is the second book in the Dollanganger series; however, I’m getting a bit bored with the third book, If There Be Thorns Flowers in the Attic
  2. Finally went to Duck and Waffle in the Heron Tower. The food did not blow me away, but the views are absolutely amazing
  3. Finally saw Tower Bridge open, which you can read about here Tower Bridge
  4. I took my niece to see Usher at the O2 arena. Mr Raymond is still the man!
  5. I have been tremendously lazy with the job searching, so I need to make more of an effort to apply for more jobs this month
  6. I received exciting news that I will be attending my first press trip to Luxembourg this year. I’m so excited by this, but also a tad bit apprehensive as I do not know what to expect. One thing I do know is I need to buy myself a new camera, as my current one is really not cutting the mustard
  7. I finally went to my first bloggers event, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks The Bloggers Hub bloggers
  8. I went Burger and Lobster twice last month. Some may say, so what? But Burger and Lobster in Farringdon is one of my favourite restaurants to dine at Burger and Lobster
  9. I went to Camden Lock Market, even though I’ve lived in London all my life. It was such an amazing experience, I even felt like I was on holiday somewhere outside of the UK
  10. I have been officially been blogging over a month now, which is a triumph for me as I didn’t believe I would of lasted that long. Yay to me!!


Usher: URX tour-London edition

Who doesn’t love Usher Raymond? I have been a fan of Usher since my primary school days. When I was around 12 years old, my sister and her then boyfriend took me to see him in London. The 8701 tour was my first concert that I attended, which started my love of seeing some of my favourite artists live on the stage.

Last year when I heard that Usher was coming back to London, I was ecstatic at the prospects of seeing him again. I bought my niece and I tickets to see him for her Christmas present. I bought our tickets in October and had to endure waiting all the way to March, but it was worth it in the end. Continue reading

#BLFW: My first bloggers event

Since starting my blog in mid-February, I have read and followed some really inspiring blogs. Whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed one day, I came across @bloggerslvehub and instantly signed up to their database.

Last week Wednesday, I attended my first bloggers event organised by The Bloggers Hub. Initially I was apprehensive when I received my invite, but was reassured over the weeks as I had seen on Twitter that it was also many other bloggers first time attending an event like this. In addition, I observed that many people were also going by themselves.  Continue reading

Tower Bridge

Finally got to see Tower Bridge in the air

Living in London all my life, I feel like I should be able to be labelled as a true Londoner, yet, I have not truly experienced all the wonders that the capital has to offer.

One of my many things to do on my bucket list was to go and see Tower Bridge whilst it is open. I think it’s incredible that a bridge that I have driven over many times has the capability to rise in the air, then securely closes itself at a touch of a button. Even driving over the bridge can make me a tad bit nervous at times, however, I have always been intrigued by the idea of seeing a bridge move in the air. Continue reading